1 on 1 Support with Ashley

Reach Your Goals Today!

Basic Package


  • Detailed Intake Questionaire
  • Personalized, Comprehensive Sleep Plan
  • Virtual 1 hour Consult to Review Plan
  • 1 Check in Phone Call

Deluxe Sleep Package


  • Home Visit
  • Personalized, Comprehensive Sleep Plan
  • 2 Week Support
  • Daily Text Communication
  • 1 Phone Calls
  • Ebook

Premium Sleep Package


  • Virtual of Home Visit
  • Personalized, Comprehensive Sleep Plan
  • 2 Week Support
  • Daily Text Communication
  • 2 Phone Calls
  • Ebook
  • Nights 1 & 2 real time texting at bedtime

Add Ons


  • In-Home Bedtime Support- $200
  • Siblings- $150
  • Twins- Free
  • Refresher Call- $49

Helping You Reclaim Sleep With Personalized Coaching

How do you define sleeping through the night?
What is your idea of great sleep for you baby?

This is our starting point! It’s not up to me to tell you how your child should be sleeping. You tell me your expectations, and I will use my extensive knowledge on sleep science, feeding, and nursing skills to ensure we meet your specific goals!

How Does a Sleep Package Work?

We start with a 1 on 1 phone call

I would love to connect and help find the right package to meet your needs.

Schedule our Home or Virtual Visit

I will do a full assessment on your child’s feeding, development, weight gain, circadian rhythm to help determine the best way to find sleep. Also, get to know you and your family including parenting style.

Personalized Sleep Plan

I take everything from our home visit and send you detailed notes in a personalized sleep plan. This is our starting point.

2 Weeks Support

Support is vital. We will spend 2 weeks together to ensure your baby is finding sleep easier and feeding is going well. We text daily and I analyze your sleep log to get you to the finish line!

Lactation and Newborn  Visits

Breastfeeding. Bottle feeding. Formula. Combo of both.

It is a personal choice. As a Registered Nurse, I believe in supporting you on your journey!
Lactation Consultation

Does it hurt when you breastfeed? Is your baby not gaining weight? Choking, sputtering or crying at the breast?

This package is a 1 hour in home visit with one week of daily email support to resolve your challenge.



Lactation Package

Choose between: 3 visits with 3 weeks of email support & 5 visits with 5 weeks of email support.


Newborn Visit

I will give you the education and support you need to have the confidence to feed and care for your baby, with less worry and overwhelm. This package will answer all your newborn questions, get breastfeeding initiated, teach you how to bathe your baby, cut fingernails, discuss newborn rashes, jaundice, cord care and newborn development and sleep!

Plus 1 month of email support.




Total Package

This package begins while your still pregnant. Before baby comes we work together to begin with antenatal hand expression. The #1 way to prepare for breastfeeding and build a freezer stash while still pregnant.


  • Antenatal Hand Expression
  • Postpartum Visit once baby arrives to establish breastfeeding
  • Vist at 5 weeks old to assess feeding and newborn sleep.
  • 8 weeks of email support once baby is born



My Approach

Whether we are working on sleep, feeding or toilet learning my goal is always to keep your goals at the center of our time together. Motherhood is magical, it is challenging, there are joys, milestones and bumps in the road….and every mama deserves qualified support. Zero judgement. You focused. My goal is to make motherhood easier!

Toilet Learning Services

We've Started & Need Help

This package is for you if:

  • You have started “potty training” and it feels like a disaster
  • Your child cries when you try to get him to use the potty
  • Your child keeps having accidents
  • Your child will not poop in the potty

Includes a 2 hour consultation, personalized plan and 1 month email support & Extensive Ebook.



New To Toilet Learning

 Our assessment and consultation package is for you if:

  • You are ready to start toilet learning with your little one.. but aren’t sure where to start
  • You want to make the process as seamless as possible for both you and your child

Includes a 2 hour consultation, personalized plan and 1 month of email support & extensive Ebook.


Still Have Questions?

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