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February 7, 2021

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I want to share 4 common signs your baby is ready to drop a nap!

First Sign Your Baby Might Be Ready to Drop a Nap

The first of the sign your baby is ready to drop a nap is refusing their last nap of the day! So you may put them in their sleep space for that last nap and they are just wide awake. Maybe just playing or they are just completely fussy and fight the nap. Now I don’t want you to drop a nap the first time your baby does this as that may not be enough. Typically I suggest looking at a 2 week period and if at least 5 or more of those days your baby refused their last nap then I would go ahead and try to drop it.


Second Sign Your Baby Might Be Ready to Drop a Nap

The next sign your baby may be signaling they are ready to drop their nap is when the last nap of the nap is causing a really late bedtime. This is due to your baby not having enough sleep drive to want to fall asleep at night. If they are taking longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep this may be the cause. Important to note that overtired can cause excessive crying at bedtime. So make sure to rule that out first before deciding too much day sleep is causing a later bedtime.

Third Sign Your Baby Might Be Ready to Drop a Nap

The third sign is for those babes who were taking longer naps and all of a sudden have started taking shorter naps. Like our second sign, this one too can clue us in that maybe our baby is getting too much day sleep. Once they drop a nap they will be able to consolidate their sleep again and begin taking longer naps! Yay! I love long napslaughing

Fourth Sign Your Baby Might Be Ready to Drop a Nap

The last a final sign is a biggie! The fourth sign is your baby begins to have early wake ups in the morning. Again, just like above this tells us your baby again is having too much day sleep and therefore is not requiring as much night sleep! I typically consider anything before 6am an early wake up! So if your baby was sleeping until 6:30am and all of sudden is waking a 5:30 then this could be the culprit!

How to Drop a Nap

So if you find yourself finding 1 or a few of these signs again for about 5 days in a 2 week period then dropping a nap will likely get your baby’s sleep back on track! I would suggest dropping the last nap of the day for nap transitions and likely you will need to bump up bedtime temporarily until your baby has adjusted to longer awake times. Remember this process can take about 2-3 weeks! So be patient!

Bonus Tip!

During nap transitions, longer awake times can be difficult for your baby and getting all the way to bedtime can be tough! I find that babes love bath time and will tolerate an extra 15-20 min in the bath to help you make it to bedtime!

I hope you found this helpful! Be sure to comment below with questions or how you are handling your baby dropping their nap and don’t forget to repin to Pinterest!

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